Textile Notes

We have done our best to display our product's colors as accurately as possible on espanyolet.com. We admit there is always room for improvement and as we continue our journey with you, our goal is to constantly work to improve your shopping experience with us. The actual colors you see will depend on your monitor. If you should have questions about any of our products, colors or materials, contact us!

espanyolet | linen | handmade | one-of-a-kind antique Mallorquín linen | hand painted in Mallorca, Spain | vintage | texture | color

Our items are made from 50-100 year old natural fibers and have been hand-dyed. The irregularities in color and finishing are a desired effect and give these pieces their special character. 

In addition, due to the very special and unique dyeing process, we recommend dry cleaning only. 

Each espanyolet product is hand-stitched, either by us or by the original artisan who hand-loomed the linen. Please be aware and take care, treating each item with kindness.

We have sourced different types of antique linen for our espanyolet designs, which means each piece has a different fabrication and strength. Our linen lamps, for example, are purposefully made with thin and well-worn fabric so light comes through in interesting and irregular ways. We designed the pillows with thicker linen so it would have structure and sit up nicely on a couch or bed. If you have any questions about the hand feel of a material, contact us.