Custom Designs & Commissions

espanyolet | cloth & clay | handcrafted in Mallorca | one-of-a-kind hand painted vintage linen | hand-formed ceramics

The majority of our work these days is made-to-order: we love working with creative clients to design something beautiful for their home. Headboards, bedroom collections, benches, etc. 

If you are a designer and would like to collaborate with us on a new collection for your/your clients’ home, office or hotel, please contact us or get started here or by browsing our Special Projects Section. Order your swatch set here.



If I order a custom piece from you, will it look exactly like what's on the espanyolet website?

No. Each of our pieces is one-of-a-kind and we cannot make exact matches verbatim. This is the joy of handmade items and a uniqueness that's to be celebrated. Keep in mind we buy vintage linen from all over the world, so the size, texture, weight, etc will vary. Likewise with our colors - it's more art than science and we do not match to paint chips or swatches.

Do the blankets fit twin, double, queen or king-sized beds?

We source our vintage linens from markets across Europe and all were loomed in the 1920s. Beds were smaller in this era and European standards are different than they are in other countries. A rough rule of thumb: our medium blanket size coincides with a twin bed, large with a full bed and the extra large with a queen or king.

How do we decide on colors?

We hand-mix each of our colors in small batches and the process is more art than science. As with all things individually handmade, color & pattern variations are to be expected & celebrated. This is why we love our product: no two pieces are exactly alike.

What do your fabrics feel like?

Vintage linen is rich in texture, irregular & imperfect. Depending on whether it’s Spanish, German, French, English or Romanian, each of our vintage fabrics has its own history & unique content. All were loomed with natural fibers in the 1920s and are mixes of linen, hemp & cotton. We're also working with new linen that was woven on looms from the 1920s which mimics the look of vintage but is lighter weight. If you have questions about the handfeel of our fabrics, we can send you a sample set like the one above.

What designs do you offer?

Unlike garment dyeing or dip-dyeing, our hand painting process allows us to control the placement of color specifically on each piece. We layer hues, we blend complementary tones and we use color to highlight the natural texture of the linen. We believe this is what makes each of our espanyolet pieces idiosyncratic, uneven, beautiful & one-of-a-kind.

What’s general timing?

We believe in slow design & craftsmanship...which means things take time to arrive to you. Please allow 12 weeks from the time payment is received until we ship your order. Depending on the nature of your order, this timing can be truncated by a week or two. However, in the case of the larger blankets which need to be hand-stitched, timing could take up to 16 weeks. We will advise once we begin working together.

Can we place a rush order?

On some things, yes. It depends what fabric we have in stock and which pieces we have to custom order or have hand stitched for us. Let’s talk, see what’s in your order and decide together. Rush charges may apply.