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Our process is a bit different than other traditional textile design methods, which we believe is what makes our colors so unique. We start with the highest quality pigments, hand-mix them in our studio kitchen and start the long process of testing. Most of our hues are mixes of 3 or 4 colors, so the proportions are important and it's oftentimes necessary to test, adjust, retest, readjust, etc. Next we mix in algae, a natural substance from the sea. It's this smooth, jelly-like substance that allows us to control the thickness of the color so we can hand-paint it on each piece of linen. This is very different than dip-dyeing or what some people call garment dyeing which happens in large batches & in large bathtubs. We do not do this because we love irregularity & brushstrokes. And as a result, each of our pieces is one-of-a-kind.

espanyolet | linen | handmade | one-of-a-kind antique Mallorquín linen | hand painted in Mallorca, Spain | vintage | texture | color

These photos detail the before (top) and after (above) of the same piece. The color absorbs into the linen in rich & vibrant colors, but after days baking in the hot Mediterranean sun, it fades out into a soft & elegant tone. There's really no way to account for this solar effect, but we love its unexpected results every time.

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