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el cortado

espanyolet | linen | handmade | one-of-a-kind antique Mallorquín linen | hand painted in Mallorca, Spain | vintage | texture | color

Profile: La Molienda  Thank you Spain for inventing the cortado, and thank you La Molienda for making the perfect one on the island. We visit this precious café each time we come to the island, and it's always a relaxing break to wander down to the casco antiguo for a rich & creamy cortado. It's not just because the owners are friendly and it's not just because they have delicious pastries…the coffee really is THAT good. Who knows if it's the perfectly roasted beans or the full-fat milk from Menorca that they steam to a perfect temperature. Regardless, this is most definitely the best coffee in Palma. If you cannot find us in Brooklyn or Berlin, try La Molienda…chances are we might be there for a quick cortado break.

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